Creating an Online Photography Portfolio with SlickPic by Kevin La Rue

Kevin La Rue Headshot
June 5, 2024 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Photographic Arts Building
1780 Village Pl
San Diego, CA 92101

This meeting will be held in person at the Photographic Arts Building in Balboa Park (next to Spanish Village).

There are only 2 ways to show your art – prints and online. The Darkroomers are experts at printing, but let’s face it: it’s expensive to print, and limited by the people you can show your prints to in-person. On the other hand, sharing your work online offers you a tried and true way to reach greater audiences and open your work up to the entire world – which, by the way, could lead to print sales!

Scott Kelby once said that your Portfolio website can make you a better photographer. And, Bob DiNatale said that you’re not known by what you shoot, but by what you show!

Since 2010, SlickPic has provided a user-friendly, professional-caliber platform for easily creating private/secure Galleries with which to share your images AND includes a modern Portfolio website builder that is genuinely powerful as any other and easy to use. Join folks like Scott Kelby, Lindsey Adler, Joe Edelman, Serge Ramelli, Matt Suess, Deb Sandidge, Tony Sweet, Rick Sammon, and tens of thousands more in showcasing your best work online with SlickPic!

Kevin La Rue is a long-time photography and software enthusiast who will show you the essential knowledge you need to get started with your own website utilizing the SlickPic platform! You’ll learn key elements for a successful portfolio website, how to create, work with and share galleries (privately or publicly), and finally we’ll build a website from scratch in just a few minutes!

Don’t miss this fast-paced meeting – it will change the way you present your amazing images online, even if you’re on alternative platforms or – perish the thought – social media! Join Kevin and learn the modern way to put your images online – take control of your online destiny!

Kevin La Rue | Photography Portfolio Presentation

About Kevin

Kevin La Rue is a senior manager whose 35+ year background in consumer software and entrepreneurship began with one of the early leading independent Mac software developers, traversed through many early-stage start-ups (including one of his own) and ultimately led in 2006 to Nik Software and later Skylum Software, both leading photo editing developers.

In his career, La Rue held many product-related and senior management roles, including Product Manager, VP of Marketing, Head of U.S. Operations and International Business Development and Partnerships. Recently, these influences led him back to photography and the many amazing feats that can be accomplished in the “digital darkroom.” Currently he is an independent Crypto investor, and works with Radiant Imaging Labs (Radiant Photo) and SlickPic.

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