2017 Q4 Competition

  • 2nd Place (Tie), Color, "Green Moon in a Bottle" by Angie Crompton
  • 1st Place (Tie), Color, "One Could Get Smashed" by Angie Crompton
  • 3rd Place, Monochrome, "Revealed by Light" by Angie Crompton
  • 1st Place, Monochrome,"Broken Bottle" by Bill Rehm
  • 2nd Place (Tie), Color, "Coca-Cola ad" by Rick Phillips
  • 2nd Place (Tie), Color, "Salzberg Still Life" by Ruth Foelber
  • 3rd Place, Color, "Cool Fish in Seaweed" by Ruth Foelber
  • 2nd Place, Monochrome, "Beauty in a Bottle" by Terri Thompson
  • 1st Place (Tie), Color, "Captured Heat" by Terri Thompson

Our theme for the Fourth Quarter of 2017 was “Bottles”

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