2018 Interclub Aug-Sep

  • Trouble (HM) by Jeff Booher
  • Hang 14 by Terri Thompson (Blue Ribbon Award)
  • Grand Tetons (HM) by Angie Crompton
  • White-Browed Coucal in the Serengeti (HM) by Janie Anderson
  • Lonely is the Night (HM) by Jeff Booher

August/September 2018 Scores

Judges were Les Anderson, Monica Royal and Sandy Zelasko.


Brothers FishingAngie Crompton21
EmbarcaderroAngie Crompton21
TroubleJeff Booher24HM
End of the RideMark Ogilvie20
Just in CaseMark Ogilvie23
Sierra on FireMichael Fairbanks21
Garden ImpressionsMichael Fairbanks23
SwallowtailRichard Strobel23
From the ShadowsTerri Thompson20
Hang 14Terri Thompson26AWD
Grand TetonsAngie Crompton25HM
Mount Helix SunriseAngie Crompton20
Nez Perce in CloudsJanice Roudebush20
White Browed Coucal in the SerengetiJanie Anderson24HM
Get off of my WaveJeff Booher21
Lonely is the NightJeff Booher24HM
La Jolla WavesMichael Fairbanks23
Allen's HummingbirdRichard Strobel20
La Jolla SunsetRichard Strobel23
Tree ClimberTerri Thompson23
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