2018 Interclub Jan-Feb

  • Autumn in Zion (HM) by David Poplawski
  • Water Lilly, Papeete Tahiti (HM), by David_Liebowitz
  • On The Hunt (HM) by Richard Strobel
  • Time For Breakfast (HM) by Richard Strobel

January/February 2018 Scores

Judges were Joyce Mate, Diane Peck and Barbara Swanson


Say's FeobeRichard Strobel23
Look I Caught a FishRichard Strobel21
Mom and Baby GorillaAngie Crompron22
Balloons Over BaganOsia Strasner23
Feeling BlueOsia Strasner23
Honey I'm HomeTerri Thompson22
Abstract SurferJeff Booher22
Surfing in TimeMichael Fairbanks21
Autumn in ZionDavid Poplawski24HM
Water Lilly Papeete TahitiDavid Liebowitz24HM
On the HuntRichard Strobel24HM
Time for BreakfastRichard Strobel25HM
Experience MusicJoan Everds22
Iceberg AlaskaAngie Crompton22
The Little Christmas GirlOsia Strasner22
Another MeatballMichael Fairbanks23
Get Off My WaveJeff Booher24
What You Looking AtTerri Thompson24
Tail in MouthTerri Thompson24
The Ike David Poplawski22
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