2019 Interclub Mar-April

  • Fourth Street View (HM) by Drema Swader
  • Landing Gear Coming Down (Blue Ribbon Award Recipient) by Janie Anderson
  • Castle in the Sand (HM) by Angie Crompton
  • Mud Runner (Blue Ribbon Award Recipient) by Shyamsundar Pal China
  • Sahara Desert Camp Sunset (Blue Ribbon Award Recipient) by John Weigel
  • Is That You (HM) by Terri Thompson
  • Reddish Egret (HM) by Richard Strobel

January/February 2019 Scores

Judges were Eileen Mandell, Dan Palermo and Diane Peck


TranquilityAngie Crompton 23
Fourth Street ViewDrema Swader25HM
Baboon GlareTerri Thompson 23
Girl at PrayerRick Phillips 23
Landing Gear Coming DownJanie Anderson 26AWD
Anna's HummingbirdRichard Strobel 23
Inverted FormationTanya Solario 23
Follow Your PathAngie Crompton 23
What Are You Looking At?Terri Thompson 23
Head for the Hills!Janie Anderson 23
Castle on the SandAngie Crompton 25HM
Mud RunnerShyamsundar Pal China26AWD
A Perfect Day at Torrey PinesJanie Anderson 24
AlpacaTerri Thompson 24
Sahara Desert Camp SunsetJohn Weigel26AWD
Sunrise on the HarborAngie Crompton 23
Is That You?Terri Thompson 25HM
Fried Egg FlowerJanie Anderson 21
Reddish EgretRichard Strobel 25HM
Bubble MaestroRichard Strobel 23
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