Motor Transport Museum at Night with Stephen Bay

August 1, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 11:45 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Motor Transport Museum
31949 Highway 94
CA 91906

Motor Transport Museum

Join us for a night photography shoot at the Campo Motor Transport Museum with Stephen Bay!

The cost per person is $20 and signup is required. SIGN UP HERE.

Darkroomers members have priority. Spouses/significant others can attend if space is available. The venue has specified a maximum of 20 attendees (Stephen Bay + 19 Darkroomers).

Things to Bring

  • Camera
  • Wide-angle lens – f/2.8 or faster is best, but f/4 can work
  • Cable release
  • Tripod
  • Spare batteries
  • Dimmable Headlamp – red light option may be useful
  • LED lights, Flashlights, Lume Cubes, etc. for light painting
  • Water/Snacks
  • An app like PhotoPills to visualize where the core will be (or a compass)
  • Sturdy shoes (see rules below)

Motor Transport Museum Ground Rules

  • No open-toed shoes are allowed! Tennis shoes or hiking shoes are preferred
  • Smoking of any kind is only allowed in the confines of your car with the use of your ashtray
  • All trash must be disposed of in the proper refuse container of trash or recyleables. Please place food in a container or bag before disposing. Leave no exposed trash behind
  • Your food or beverages may be stored in our showroom refrigerator but must be removed when you leave
  • Doors and hoods of vehicles outside the building are not to be opened and vehicles may not be climbed on or into. Vehicles inside the building may be used for photo ops
  • No running
  • Children must be accompanied by parents at all times
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